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How to remove DRM protection from WMV video files?

Originated by Microsoft, WMV is widely employed by big online media providers, like Zune Marketplace, CinemaNow, Amazon Unbox, Movielink, as a codec to encrypt and transfer video & movie files with DRM protection. Generally, if you don't have specific digital players that are in line with the "play for sure" rule, or your PC is not authorized with playback license, you have no way to access those WMV video files.


Applications can remove DRM protection from WMV video files :


1. Freeme2

It is a free DRM removal used to remove DRM protection from Windows Media audio and video files. freeme2 is a command line application.You need to learn how to use console applications to run it.

1). Put your DRM protected media files in the same folder as freeme2.
2). Run the Windows command console: Hit "Start" -> Hit "Run..." -> type CMD -> Hit the "OK" button.
3). Then, once in the command console, chage the directiry by using the "cd" command to the directory where your FreeMe2 is located.
4). Extract your license keys. You can do this with drmdbg.
5). Type the following in the command line console: "freeme2" (without quotes) and press the Enter button.

2. Aimersoft WMV Converter

It is a professional DRM removal and DRM Media Converter competent to:

1). Remove DRM from WMV of Windows Media, Zune Marketplace, CinemaNow, Amazon Unbox, Movielink, etc.
2). Convert copyright protected WMV to MP4; WMV to M4V; WMV to MOV / FLV / 3GP / AVI / MPG, etc.
3). Convert DRM protected WMA to M4A / MP3 / WMA / WAV / OGG / APE / AC3 / MKA / AIFF / FLAC, etc
4). Afford output video & audio formats support iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Zune, Xbox, AppleTV, Zen, Archos, Iriver, Sansa, Blackberry, Samsung, Sonywalkman, Nokia, HTC, etc

For more input & output formats supported (like iTunes DRM M4P, M4V), check Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

remove DRM protection from WMV video files

How to remove DRM protection from WMV video files with Aimersoft WMV Converter:

Step 1: Click "Add" to improt DRM WMV files; Or just "drag-and-drop" them to the main window in easy way.
Step 2: Choose single or batch target WMV files, hit "Settings" to preset the output effect as the following picture shows

remove DRM protection from WMV video files

First to choose the output formats from red circled "Format Preset"

remove DRM protection from WMV video files

Then Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, Bit Rate, Resolution from the "Settings" board for specific output quality you like.

Step 3: Back to the main window after finishing the preceding settings, pick a "output path" you like, then hit the "Start" button bottom-righted. When the conversion process finishes, you can enjoy the DRM protected WMV files in whichever format, and on whatever player as you like.

3. Automate unDRM

It is a free DRM remover packed with drmdbg, drm2wmv, DecryptIt for copy protected WMA, WMV(Windows Media audio/video files).

Automate unDRM is not at the point what you might thought it be, you must have VALID license to play the DRM protected files first. Automate unDRM is intended to be used to make fair-use backups only, so you get lossless conversion of DRM protected media files.

Automate unDRM works only with Windows Media Player 9 or 10.

You might also like to check for even more "User Guides" transfer the DRM protected music, video, movie to media devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Creative Zen, Archos, Sansa, Iriver, Samsung, Cowon, Sony Walkman, as well as mobile phones like HTC, Blackberry, Sony Erricsson, LG, Nokia, Motorola, etc.

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